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Montgomery County CEO Program Tours McKay New Store and Warehouse

McKay NAPA Auto Parts had the honor of hosting the Montgomery County CEO Program on Tuesday March 16, 2021. The Montgomery County CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) is is an initiative of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation as an entrepreneurship education program which prepares youth to become entrepreneurial thinkers.

“When everyone steps back, someone has to be willing to step forward.” ~Earl Flack

Earl gave CEO a tour of the Napa store in Litchfield as well as their new distribution center for their 23 stores in the McKay Corporation.

“We take pride in being a family owned business and investing in our local communities,” Earl explained. “I started behind the counter, worked hard, and become a store manager, and then vice-president, and now the president. While I don’t have the McKay last name, I’ve been part of this family for over 40 years. I like to think we treat our employees like family, too.”

Earl shared key principles for running a successful business including an emphasis on customer service, “something a locally owned business specialized in to compete with the bigger box stores.” He explained the importance of hiring motivated employees and paying competitively, maintaining accurate and in real time inventory, “which saves money on loss and lost time.”

Earl also explained the importance of maintaining a happy life and work balance. “I get up and run three to four times a week just to have that time to think and get some fresh air. And I don’t have the phone out at the dinner table...You need to make time for yourself and your family, too.”

This is the third CEO Program that Earl has had the privilege of speaking too through out Central Illinois. The others include, Brown Schuyler CEO and Fayette County CEO.

Montgomery County CEO

Fayette County CEO

October 6, 2020 - Monday’s visit was to McKay-Napa Auto Parts. New owner, Earl Flack, told us about his family owned and operated business. Eighty-three years ago Vince McKay (Staunton) saw a need for parts and drove into St. Louis every day to pick them up. The business has grown and grown since then.

Mr. Flack stresses always always “stepping forward”. He believes that work ethic, listening and paying attention, being coachable, and a passion for what you do is what makes his employees and his businesses successful.

Napa has over 6,000 across the USA. Treating customers like family is what brings them back to the stores.

Brown Schuyler CEO

January 19, 2021 - CEO was blessed to have Earl Flack speak with them today. Earl is the president of McKay Autoparts. McKay Autoparts has double its business in the last 8 years and now has 23 store locations. Their successful business model, work culture and community focus is inspiring. They have donated over $600,000 to Make A Wish throughout their many years in business. Jim shared several great take aways with the students today here are a few favorites! *Build a solid team - employees are your best asset *If it was easy everyone would do it, push through and take that step forward! *Someone has to be the boss and make the tough decisions. *All models change, you have to be able to transition and change to move forward or you will fail. *Leave something better than you found it! *If you’re not good at something get someone who is! *Fimd what makes you happy, money cannot be the driving force or you will not be happy!

Thank you Earl for sharing your story, passion and expertise with CEO today!!


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