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Montgomery County CEO 2022

Tuesday, October 25th, the CEO class took a visit to NAPA “McKay” headquarters located in Litchfield. We were greeted with a warm welcome as we all walked into the lobby there meeting Mr. Flack. From there he took us around the establishment where we got the privilege to see the inside operations of NAPA. It was very interesting to see how many different roles there are in the auto parts business. As we went to each office and space Mr. Flack gave a detailed description of the jobs and what they do individually. He also emphasized how important and how grateful he was to have each and every person on his team which shows great qualities of a business person as well as a leader.

The business aspect of this tour was certainly not to be overlooked either. When we arrived he gave a detailed explanation of the history behind it and how it was still a family owned business. Although he isn’t a McKay he was bound to get the job done and get it done right. As the tour went on he furthered his conversations with business expenses, how he plans to expand, keeping inventory and so much more. There are many people that may think every NAPA store is the same but Mr. Flack expressed that is not the case. He explained that there are no 2 stores alike therefore he uses the diversity of his employees to their and his best interest. In conclusion he is a great business man but he’s a people person first and that’s why so many respect him. We all appreciate the advice and wisdom he gave us today and are grateful for the opportunity to talk to a man like Mr. Flack.


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