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Granite City CEO Tours McKay NAPA Auto Parts

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022 Granite City CEO Class touedr one of our Granite City locations. Earl and Bob were able to give the kids a glimps into what all McKay's is about.

Thank you Earl Flack with McKay NAPA Auto Parts for reaching out and inviting Granite City CEO to share Tuesday morning with you! It’s not everyday a President of a multimillion company reaches out to #SmallTownUSA to see how he can contribute, but Earl believes in the power and impact of CEO and the difference it makes in the lives of our future.

It’s clear Earl has a passion for not only giving back to his community, but also his employees, customers, and his business.

What did we learn? •Opportunity is at every corner. •Anyone can do anything with a powerful work ethic. •Without process, you have chaos! •McKay believes in a work life balance and is closed on Sundays to allow their employees additional time to spend with their families. •McKay has parts for electric vehicles! •At McKay NAPA Auto Parts, every employee has a voice. •Work hard. Pay attention. Step forward when everyone else steps back.

Thank you again, Earl, Bob, and Howard for making our morning great!


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