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Edwardsville CEO Program

It is the little things that make the biggest difference. -- In CEO, the little things MATTER. Greeting a guest with a handshake, asking great questions, and engaging with our speakers with continued conversations are the "little" skills that we work to develop all year long.

In life and in business, our students recognize that it is often the little details, the small moments, that can make the biggest difference. -- Catch a glimpse into one of the behind-the-scenes Edwardsville CEO photos as current senior, Livia Budwell, struck up a conversation following class with Earl Flack (President & CEO) and Matt McKay (Regional Sales Manager) of McKay NAPA Auto Parts! -- A few great takeaways from our visit with Matt and Earl:

  • So much of any business and career is PEOPLE. Life happens. People make mistakes. Set your expectations high, but take care of your people.

  • Never be above any job in a business. You have to be willing to work from the ground up. No task is too small or beneath you. Do not expect that anything will be handed to you.

  • Good employees make your business. Take care of your people!

  • Be open to change. Hold true to your values, but understand that your business has to adapt to continually grow and improve.

  • Put the phone down, make eye contact and truly interact with others. Being able to have solid face-to-face interactions will already put you light years ahead.

  • Be humble. No one ever got to where they are today completely alone. Recognize and be proud of your accomplishments, but always recognize, support and praise your team. -- A huge thank you to Earl and Matt for going above and beyond for our students. We are thrilled to have McKay Napa Auto Parts as an Edwardsville CEO program sponsor. We sincerely appreciate your contributions and support!


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