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Clinton County CEO Program

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 McKay NAPA Auto Parts President Earl Flack and Regional Manager Eric Mullen hosted Clinton County CEO Program at our Carlyle Store Location.

McKay NAPA Auto Parts & owner Earl Flack provided our team with an overview of their retail store that serves farmers, auto mechanics, DIY mechanics and their Napa Autocare Centers.

Earl instills his passion of making people better throughout the company of 23 stores and 240 employees based out of their headquarters & distribution center in Litchfield. Service, relationships and trust are the foundations of their success as is having the inventory on hand or quickly deliverable to drive sales. Training to provide excellent customer service and an efficient inventory tracking system are very important.

It takes teamwork and a good captain to be successful. People are always watching, Earl challenged our team to step forward when others step out. Opportunities come to those that look for them and passion often fuels money. Be sure to follow thru every day, this requires time management, discipline and persistency.

Earl provided several business tips that apply in any business: Make to diversify your inventory. If your in management get out in the field to engage with your employees and customers, ask for their input. Always giveback by supporting others, McKay Napa has been a supporter of Make-a-Wish hosting a golf scramble & cruise in to raise funds. Partner with local schools to help develop future employees.

Thanks Earl for a great morning with great tips for success!


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